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Why LED ?

LED is not new to the market, automotive, electrical and electronic industry have long adopted LED technology in their product line. LED uses significant less energy compare to CFL, CCFL, PLC, PLCE, Halogen and incandescent bulbs. LED does not emit IR and UV when compared to other lighting products, hence it is better to for your skin. Also it does not fickler, so it is better for your eye sight.

How does LED helps the environment ?

LED does not contain harmful and hard to recycle material such as mercury; and Az elite bulbs and packing are design to be totally recyclable without using complicated technology and labor. By using less energy to light up an area and constructed with easily recyclable material, this is is obvious choice to protect the environment.

Simple math:

a house turn on 5 CFL light bulb, 2 halogen = (12W x 5) + (50W x 2)  = 60W + 100W = 160W

a house turn on 5 LED light bulb, 2 MR16    =  (7W x 5) + (10W x 2) =  35W + 20W = 55W

But it cost 2 - 3 times more than normal CFL energy saving bulbs?

Normal CFL lightbulb last only 6000 - 8000hours max, where LED can last maximum to 50,000 hours.

So it can last 7 - 8 times longer than a normal CFL energy saving bulbs, moreover you consumption up to 80% less in electricity bill. In Malaysia, the electricity supply is not constant 240V, therefore the chances a CFL will fail is higher, where LED won't be affected by the flux. MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO YOU GET A REPLACEMENT BULB IF YOUR CFL BULB DOES NOT PERFORM AFTER 1 MONTH IN OPERATION!

But I do not have budget as the initial cost to replace or install is high.

Yes, as distributor we understand that the initial cost is high, so if you do not have sufficient budget, we always recommend our client to replace or install those lights that are frequently use.

For example, you spend most of the time in bedroom or living room, less in toilets, bathrooms, wardrobe, kitchen, backyard and etc. Is viable and cheaper to install them in the bedroom and living room in the long run.

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