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TI Introduces LED lighting AC drive technology

DC-based LED driver IC technology leader in Texas , recently launched integrated circuit technology, making AC drive solid state lighting design tends to be simplified.

For Seoul Semiconductor and British LynkLabs lighting engine companies, sales companies, the so-called AC-LED technology , has been the focus of their research , because the engine requires a combination of LED bulb lighting and AC drive technology , but solid-state lighting product developers to IC in the form of direct contact with the technology. Texas Instruments expanded its business into the field of LED drivers , launched a TPS92411MOSFET converter , designed to simplify the AC -based lighting engine design .

AC driver has the advantage over conventional LED driver for use in AC-DC Switching Power Supply simple lot. TI's product marketing engineer JohnPerry said new IC BOM drive than DC-based drives 20-50% cheaper , and the circuit board will be easier. Inductance element of the filter is not required .

We predict AC-LED technology will develop into the future with the same level of integrated circuit technology to another drive select . Seoul Semiconductor announced that it would sell sellitsAcrichIC, although customers must purchase the company's LED to purchase IC, DMB technology company announced the launch of AC into the driver IC . In addition , there are many new companies dedicated AC driver IC research .

Texas 's approach and many companies in this industry are used the same way , AC input line voltage will rise each half cycle , subdivision LED stack cutting , so that more of the LED power supply. This line is the first full-wave rectifier circuit , means that the LED at 120Hz conditions for conversion.

Texas Instruments little difference method has special significance . Presented at the meeting of the other way is to realize there is more than tap a series of strategically placed LED stack . Since the AC line input rise , the supply voltage from the stack in a higher tap output, so more LED lights will be illuminated. However, the use of TI activity switch, so that the LED stack are electrically isolated from each part . TPS92411 essence floating with respect to ground switches. According nearby diagram shows , the design of the application of a plurality of switches using a relatively simple separation of components .

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