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LED chip and LED packaging technology development speed decisions

In recent years, China , the United States , the European Union and other global countries and regions have implemented "no white" policy , LED energy-saving light bulbs to further promote the market , and prices continued to decline in LED lighting products , which are directly contributing to the rapid increase penetration of LED lighting . From the beginning of 2014, three to five years , LED lighting industry will usher in the explosive growth into the "golden years ." As the leading sectors of the upstream LED chip manufacturing technology and the corresponding LED packaging technology together determine the future pace of development in the field of lighting .

With the continuous expansion of the upstream chip production , packaging industry has entered the era of little profit , many enterprises in order to grab customers play the price card, intense price competition and disorderly industry began to promote ecological chain industry needs a new packaging technology .

And innovation and enhance applications with improved luminous efficiency and cooling capacity and other advantages of LED flip chip technology is the focus of today's packaging companies to focus research and development.

Compared with the chip being installed , flip chip (Flip-chip) has good heat dissipation ; same time, we have to adapt to the extension and flip design, chip technology, chip graphic design. Chip products with low voltage, high brightness, high reliability, high saturation current density , etc. ; coupled protection circuits can be integrated on a flip-chip substrates , reliability and performance of the chip significantly help ; addition, formal wear and compared to the vertical structure , the use of flip-chip approach , easier to achieve ultra- high-power chip-level modules, multiple functions integrated chip light source technology , the LED chip module yield and performance have a greater advantage. Light efficiency , the inverted structure to avoid the optical absorption layer and the electrode conductive light-shielding electrode P, can also be provided by the reflective p-GaN layer , and improve the light efficiency .

In the long run , will reduce the flip-chip packaging technology aspects of the packaging industry have a certain squeeze. In addition, the flip-chip chip may lead to increased driving power , lowering the lighting backlighting applications for the actual consumption of the chip , and change lighting applications for long-term needs of the chip .

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