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2013 Chinese LED packaging market was $ 7.2 billion

Under the beginning of 2010 , industrial production in the upstream and downstream applications market is expanding rapidly expanding dual factors , China's domestic LED manufacturers usher in rapid development period. Linsen success among Chinese packaging market share of the top five , to become China's leading domestic packaging manufacturers ,2010- 2013 LED device revenue CAGR of 53% , as the fastest growing vendor . Other major vendors Ruifeng power , Jufei , rectangular lighting compound annual growth rate of more than 3 percent. Huge demand for downstream applications for Chinese domestic packaging manufacturers to provide the basis for rapid development , the agency forecast in the coming years will still maintain a rapid growth momentum.

2013 Chinese LED packaging market was $ 7.2 billion , annual growth of 20% , as China is the largest producer of LED application products , along with the rapid increase LED lighting penetration rate , the demand for LED devices is growing, China has become the world's the main market for LED packaging manufacturers compete ; 2013 international packaging manufacturers in China market total revenues of $ 2 billion , buttressed by patent lighting market advantage and benefit from the rise of up to 40% annual growth .

From individual manufacturers to observe, Nichia annual revenue growth of more than 7 percent, the proportion of revenue in China increased to 29% ; Seoul Semiconductor revenue growth of 8 percent, the proportion of revenue in China increased to 19% ; while Cree , Sharp , Philips, Osram and other international companies in China, there are brisk sales performance . On the other hand , Taiwan manufacturers in addition to light and Wang Qi million , revenue from other vendors in China have declined , LED analyst Yu Bin said that the rapid rise of China packaging manufacturers , the first Taiwanese manufacturers formed a threat, but to the international manufacturers , and not much impact in the short term .

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