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National Semiconductor Introduces LED Driver synchronized sound and light

National Semiconductor Corporation today announced the launch of a " no programming " the Boomer synchronized sound and light emitting diode (LED) Driver IC - LM4970. The chip can provide a number of options , allowing system designers can adopt the lighting mode I2C -compatible control functions , but also the choice of sound and light control lighting mode automatically synchronized . If the automatic mode , the software will not need to use or occupy memory storage space , can also control lights flashing mode, so you can free up more memory space to support other functions. In addition , designers can also use I2C compatible control bus turned on or off for each drive to flexibly control the LED brightness , as well as changes in the high-frequency and intermediate frequency band . Because the chip has an internal control function , so you can reduce the number of external components, reduced board area , making cellular phones , MP3 players , personal digital assistants and other volume portable electronic products more compact fiber thin.

Real-time control LM4970 chip without software also can take advantage of LED lighting effects . Synchronized sound and light of the three modes can be mixed with the audio input signal , after filtering, and then incorporated into the three different frequency bands among which a particular pulse width modulation in each frequency band can be allocated (PWM) LED driver . The chip contains three separate pulse width modulation color LED driver provides up to 42mA output drive current for each LED. In addition, the function of these three drives could also be set directly through the I2C compatible interface so that users can set the LED luminous pattern , color and brightness level according to their own preferences. LM4970 chip also has a brightness control feature allows the user to set the brightness level of each LED according to their own preferences. If the chip with National Semiconductor 's Boomer audio subsystem ( eg LM4857) with the use of available high-fidelity stereo 3D sound for portable electronic products, but also to ensure that light can be decorated with the rhythm of the music and flashing.

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